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For us provenance is the sum of where your food has come from, who has made it, why they’re doing it, and how it’s been produced. It helps you trace your food the whole length of its journey to your table, encompassing rich stories about its producers, their methods, and their region’s history. We call it W3H1.


Provenance helps you build authentic connections with the food you eat. Transparency all the way along the supply chain means you know how it gets to your table, helping you build strong associations with great tasting food.



Provenance adds context to the food on your table. When you buy from Provenance Hub you know you’re supporting producers directly and rewarding them for the food they make with such care and attention.


Provenance matters because food creates connections to different places and cultures. The delicious food in our market helps you discover producers and explore regions across the UK and Europe.



Provenance is at the heart of everything we do. Our carefully selected producers share our values and care about their how they produce their food, and its social and environmental impact.


Provenance Assured by Provenance Hub means that you can be sure where the foods we offer in our market have come from, who has produced them, why they’re doing it, and how they have been grown or produced.

Conservation Innovation

We talk with Phillip, founder of award-winning chocolate company Original Beans, exploring his motivations, the principles that underpin Original Beans work and discover the many benefits they have created.

Sourcing Science & Sauces

London has always been a melting pot of different cultures bringing their own unique culinary heritage. Such a fusion of styles creates one of the widest choice of cuisine in the world and with it some wonderful foodie creations.

The Ancient Grain Revival

In recent years farmers in the North East of England have diversified their crops away from processed or refined grains into what we know as 'ancient grains' - varied delicious grains full off natural goodness.

Next Generation Farming

A new generation of farmers like Meracinque are pioneering new techniques and deploying state-of-the-art technology to grow their crops and achieve the perfect product: welcome to Agriculture 4.0.

The Buzz Around Sustainability

Bermondsey Street Bees follow 'bee to jar' principles when it comes to gathering honey, advocating transparency and sustainable practice at every step of production.

Andalusia & The Olive

Sun-baked Andalusia is the largest region in Spain. Profoundly influenced by the Moorish conquest, its historical legacy and diverse geography have led to a rich and varied local produce.