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By working directly with growers and producers Provenance Hub helps them to scale and grow their brand and business, as well as to build sales and loyal customers in new markets.

Showcasing their brand and selling products to Provenance Hub’s customers on our food market allows our community of producers to retain a higher percentage of retail margin that would be lost through sales via wholesalers and distributors.

Provenance Hub offers a transparent, simple, commission-based pricing structure and acts at the contracting party with it’s customer, taking care of any cross border VAT / tax collection and liability, as well as managing all customer service issues.


Provenance Hub enables its community of producers to reach customers in their home and other European markets through its multi-language, multi-currency store.

By working on an invitation-only basis with our curated selection of the best growers and producers, we offer our community new cross-sell opportunities, as well as overcoming consumer lethargy to single category producer sites.

Meanwhile our Producer Office allows producers to track sales that we make, view and dispatch orders, as well as manage invoicing and payments for sales that are made.

Our Producer Services Team are just a message or call away and there to help make working with us simple.


We work with you to understand your business and your products. Our Marketing Team take care of content and asset creation, while our Producer Services Team take on the ‘heavy-lifting’ of product creation on our site, leaving our community to get on with running their business and creating fabulous tasting, mouthwatering foods.


“As a specialist supplier of raw English honeys to high-end restaurants, the lockdown of the hospitality industry hit us extremely hard and we had to do a rapid switch to retail. Several companies approached us to do online marketplace sales and we always said a polite no thank you. If we were going to sell online, we wanted to do it ourselves in order to retain complete control of our brand and how our product is sold. And then we started talking to Provenance Hub ….and realised that we had connected with people who feel as passionately about food authenticity and terroir as we do. We made a very rapid decision to work with Nick and his team.”

“It is a delight being part of the Provenance Hub community. Right from the beginning, they have worked their socks off to help and support us and it is a real collaboration. Our products are beautifully showcased and their skills as digital marketeers have given us an online presence and order flow that we could never have achieved so quickly on our own. And being part of a multi-product platform creates valuable cross-selling opportunities with other like-minded producers. This is a real community of people who, like us, believe wholeheartedly in small batch production, quality and individuality.”



Provenance Assured is the minimum requirement that every product from every producer must meet to be offered for sale in our store. Internal processes are carried out by our Producer Services Team and include checks, vetting and verification against a number of criteria to establish the authenticity of the product and its production. Only once these checks have been completed do we then award the Provenance Assured™ mark and list the products for sale.

Provenance Assured Plus+ is for those growers and producers who are already working with relevant external, independent or international certification bodies. For these producers and their products, we award their products the Provenance Assured Plus+™ mark and include details of the independent certifications achieved in the product details ‘certification’ section on our site.



Provenance is the deciding factor for products that we sell on Provenance Hub. For us provenance is the sum of where the ingredients of each product come from,  by whom it has been made, why, and how they are produced. (Where, How, Who, Why = W3H1). We work with our producer community to offer their provenance-assured products (often small batch) for sale on our store.



We believe and advocate transparency, authenticity, and better consumer understanding of the importance of how, where and by whom the food they eat has been produced. Our collective approach brings together growers and producers from across the UK and Europe. As our community grows we hope to better advocate their needs to other organisations and governments, as well as be a driving force for better consumer understanding of how the food they eat is produced.


We love hearing from producers that are interested in working with us. Whilst joining Provenance Hub is by invitation only, we know there are many great producers that we have yet to speak with and many more that we just don’t know about… so send us a message below and one of our team will get back to you and arrange a time to chat.


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