The Artisan Kitchen

The Artisan Kitchen are a Gloucester based multi award winning artisan producer of jams, marmalades and preserves. Each unique, bursting with real fruit flavours, handmade and homemade, in just over 10 years they have won over 100 awards and are the the only choice for jam lovers, marmalade fanatics and foodies alike.

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The Artisan Kitchen, Jams & preserves, Gloucestershire, England


The Gay Farmer

The Gay Farmer was founded in 2008, when owner Mark helped with his first olive harvest on his mothers small-holding in Moratalla, north west Murcia in Spain. They now produce multi award winning organic extra virgin olive oils from Andalusia in Spain using oils from the multi-generational Cortijo El Tobazo olivery, a family farm producing some of the finest Arbequina and Picual olive oils in the world.

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The Gay Farmer, Olive Oils, Andalusia, Spain

Hejgro Foraged Foods

Hejgro are a miniature business specialising in the production of small batch award-winning foods made with locally foraged plants. Founded in 2012, owner Pavla is passionate about the need for us to reconnect with nature, taking back control of what we eat and to celebrate the richness of nutrient dense, healthy and healing, seasonally available wild produce.

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Hejgro, Condiments, Jams and Preserves, Salt, Sauces, Vinegars, Somerset, England


Bermondsey Street Bees

A sustainable beekeeping practice founded in London in 2007 offering award-winning artisanal raw honeys from their hives in London’s rewilded Docklands area, as well as an eclectic range of body, bath, home and lifestyle products. They are committed to putting their bees first as well as to working within their community to exchange learning and share skills.

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Bermondsey Street BeesHoney, London, England

Herb Heaven Devon

Herb Heaven Devon is an independent artisanal herb farm in South Devon. Founded in 2018 founders Lynda and David spend their time sowing, growing and harvesting at nature’s own pace, creating delightful teas, flavoursome culinary herbs and wonderful candles and aromas. We love their hand blended herbal tea creations.

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Herb Heaven Devon, Herbal Teas & Infusions, Home & Lifestyle, Devon, England

Husk & Honey

London based award-winning Husk & Honey are the UK’s first and only dedicated granola bakery, specialising in oven-fresh premium granolas, made from the finest provenance sourced ingredients. From oats that are grown, harvested, rolled and toasted in Scotland to rapeseed oils from Kent, they carefully combine the finest ingredients to produce the most magnificent granolas, porridges and cereals.

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Husk & Honey, Cereals, London, England

Blackthorn Scottish Sea Salt

Blackthorn Sea Salt produce sea salt flakes from 100% Scottish West Coast sea water; no adding, no seeding, no bleaching, just pure Scottish sea salt, meaning that when you taste Blackthorn Salt you taste nature – the sea, the winds and the thorns. Their specially constructed graduation tower packed with blackthorn branches gives the salt a slightly off white colour and, we believe, adds something distinct to its taste.

Blackthorn Salt products can be found in the following categories:
Blackthorn Sea Salt, Salt, Ayrshire, Scotland


Owned and run by two brothers with a huge passion for food, Hobros create and source products with wonderful natural flavours. Their desire is to push the boundaries of taste and texture sensations by creating hand-crafted, exquisitely-made food products free from chemicals, preservatives and additives.

Hobros Products can be found in the following categories:
HobrosSauces, Infused Oils & Seasonings, London, England

Mishka Siberian Honey

Mishka Honeys are from Siberia’s Altai Mountains, where for just a few months a year the blanket of snow retreats and the land is bathed in glorious sunshine. Fields and forests burst into life with blossom, welcoming the Siberian bees that work tirelessly to collect the precious nectar. Mishka means little little bear in Russian, and they are a common sight in this sparsely populated rural region of Siberia, where the residents live in harmony with brown these bears.

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Mishka Honey, Honey, Altai Mountains, Siberia


Founded in 2017 with a 7 hectare grove nestled in the Sierra Mágina in Jaen, Andalusia by Rocio and Charles. Olimagina have quickly gained worldwide recognition for the quality of the extra virgin oils they produce; receiving a Gold Award at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition in 2019 amongst others, testament their hard work and passion.

olimagina products can be found in the following categories:
OlimaginaOlive Oils, Andalusia, Spain

Original Beans

Since 2008, Original Beans have followed it’s mission to create the finest chocolates, inviting consumers ‘to taste the rare and preserve it’ – not only producing delicious tasting, additive free chocolate, but also delivering powerful social and environmental impact programs at the origin of the cacao itself.

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Original Beans, Chocolate, Home Baking

Ozi Lala Levantine Kitchen

Ozi Lala sauces, harissa and spices bring the lush, colourful smells and flavours of the Levant to your food. These flavour bombs blew us away when we first tried them. They say that you only really get to know a man once you’ve eaten his food, and with the flavour bombs delivered by Ozi Lala’s sauces, harissas and spice mixes you certainly get to know a lot about their colourful creator, Founder and all round fabulous guy, Ozi.

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Ozi Lala Levantine Kitchen, Condiments, Sauces, Spices & Spice Mixes

Red Roaster

Founded in 2000, Red Roaster quickly established a cult following in their home town of Brighton. Roasting wonderful coffees from some of the worlds finest beans is at core of what Red Roaster strives for today, although, of course, as the specialty coffee market has grown and developed in the UK, so to have the wonderful coffees that they create.

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Red Roaster, Coffee, Sussex, England


Cornish R-Chi produce a range of slightly sparking ready made Iced Teas. Combining the wonderful teas and infusions from British tea grower and producer Tregothnan with other locally sourced British produce, they have developed seemingly simple recipes that through cold-brew slow-brew production deliver delightfully refreshing, moorish and delicate flavours.

R-Chi Iced Tea products can be found in the following categories:
R-Chi Iced Tea, Iced Tea, Cornwall, England


Home to the Boscawen family since 1334 Tregothnan grows a huge variety of plants in the largest historic botanical garden in Cornwall from which they produce their award-winning English Teas, Cornish Manuka Honey and unique Kea Plum Jam amongst a variety of other estate produce.

tregothnan products can be found in the following categories:
Tregothnanteas and infusionshoney, Jams & Spreads, England, Cornwall

The Yorkshire Pasta Co.

Family business The Yorkshire Pasta Company have created an authentic pasta made in Yorkshire from local ingredients, produced using slow traditional authentic techniques that enhance the flavour of the grain and the pasta’s ability to absorb sauces. Made in Malton their delightful pastas are as unique and they are tasty.

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The Yorkshire Pasta Company, Pasta, Yorkshire, England