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1. Olimagina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

‘For Salad Dressings to Die For’

We use this fresh, peppery and warming olive oil liberally on everything we cook outdoors, as the base for delightful salad dressings, or with spices and herbs to make our own rubs.

2. Hobros Deluxe Vegan Chilli Ketchup

‘A Vegan Chilli Taste Bomb’

Hobros reinvented ketchup when they blended tomatoes and spices to create this punchy flavour bomb. We use this with EVERYTHING!

3. Ozi Lala Amba Sauce Mango Condiment

‘Sauce, Dressing, Ingredient, Marinage or Dip’

Hugely popular across the Levant and traditionally used in Falafel, Sabich and Shawarma sandwiches this versatile sauce makes everything mouthwateringly good! We never use this sparingly.

4. Ozi Lala Honey Harissa

‘Paste Liberally & BBQ’

The cleverly balanced level of heat and sweetness, harmonised by the whispers of spices and delivered in the form of a velvety, ruby paste. Liven up your BBQ, flavour your couscous, meats and vegetables.

5. Blackthorn Scottish Sea Salt Flakes

‘Season It Well’

Blackthorn Salt is the ultimate transformative ingredient and is made using 100% sea water filtered through Blackthorn branches – a combination that gives it a distinctive tangy, mellow and sweet flavour and satisfying crunch.

6. Bermondsey Street Bees Custom House Honey

”Great for dressings and marinades or just drizzle on yoghurt, cheeses and fresh summer fruit salads.”

A single origin, raw honey from London’s Docklands. This warm and spicy honey has notes of Muscovado, citrus, vine fruits, green herbals.

7. R-Chi Manuka Iced Tea with Ginger Turmeric & Lemon

‘Serve Over Ice’

Made from Cornish Manuka with a real ginger kick giving the perfect balance. R-chi’s fresh, restorative and rejuvenating pick-me-up is perfect for a hot summer’s day or on warm, balmy nights.

8. Ozi Lala Shawarma Spice Mix

‘Use this blend as a dry rub or mix with olive oil to marinate just about anything!’

Full of flavour, texture and colour to create the most amazing marinades. Guaranteed to earn its place by your BBQ. Perfect for chicken and lamb but also great for cauliflowers, mushrooms and tofu.