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Tregothnan Loose Tea & Biscuits Gift Set


The quintessential British gift – tea and biscuits for a perfect break at any time of day.


A quintessentially British combination – loose tea and biscuits – makes the perfect British gift. This elegant gift box contains two of Tregothnan’s most British teas – the Great British blend made for 10 Downing Street to celebrate the unique capabilities of British soil, and Tregothnan’s Earl Grey Tea made by the descendants of the Earl Grey himself. Lord Falmouth, the owner of Tregothnan is, in fact, the seventh Great Grandson of Sir Charles Grey, the man responsible for the citrus deliciousness of the bergamot oil blend.

Great British Tea is often likened to a builders brew and is the strongest of these teas. This is due to the higher content of Assam which offers a strong and malty flavour.

Tregothnan’s Earl Grey tea is one of its signature blends, using only the best bergamot oil – pure and natural oil from bergamot orchards in Calabria, Italy. Tregothnan’s home grown leaves are blended with the Assam and infused with the oil.

This celebration of British teas gift set is finished off with Housekeeper’s Biscuits, made from a tried and tested recipe developed by the Tregothnan housekeepers.


The Tregothnan Estate is responsible from bringing tea to Cornwall. Ornamental camellias have grown in abundance on the Tregothnan Estate for more than 200 years, making them the oldest outgrowing plants in the country. These tea bushes enjoy conditions free from salt winds and other hazards, mimicking conditions in renowned tea-producing regions such as Darjeeling in India.

Tregothnan’s camellia bushes are carefully tended by expert technicians in the plantations of the Estate. Tregothnan teas do not require large machinery to process the leaves, and the drying, chopping and sorting is all done by hand.

This tea also uses leaves from the Glenburn Estate, in Darjeeling, India. The two tea estates have worked closely for many years, and share a passion not only for the serious science of tea itself, but also a love of the whole tea experience and complementing nature. Exchange of research, tea science and tea bushes has led to strong connections being formed at many levels, and Tregothnan works with Glenburn to ensure that the best possible leaves are blended and have been grown with the same passion and attention to detail that Tregothnan itself invests in its gardens and people.

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Hand-picked Cornish Tea (Tregothnan)

Finest Assam Tea from India (Glenburn)

Pure, natural citrus bergamot oil (Calabria)

These teas are dairy free, gluten free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Housekeepers biscuits: Wheat flour (Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Nicotinamide, Thiamine), Unsalted Butter (milk), Sugar, Clotted Cream 7% (milk), Salt (Salt, Anti-caking agent), Sodium ferrocyanide.

Contains gluten, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


This elegant gift box contains a box of biscuits and two of Tregothnan’s most British teas: a Great British Loose Tea Caddy with 14 individual servings, and an Early Grey Loose Tea Caddy with 14 individual servings.

Each caddy contains 14 individually sealed pouches for maximum freshness. Each pouch contains a perfectly measured quantity of loose leaf and sealed in “bush to cup” freshness into airtight foil pouches. Simply open the pouch and pour the contents into your tea infuser to brew.




Home to the Boscawen family since 1334, Tregothnan grows a huge variety of plants in the largest historic botanical garden in Cornwall, and from there they produce English Tea, Cornish Manuka and wildflower honeys and unique Kea Plum Jam, amongst a variety of other unique foods.