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Provenance Editions 003 Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Wildflower Honey Back
Provenance Editions 003 Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Wildflower Honey Top
Provenance Editions 003 Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Wildflower Honey Front
Provenance Editions 003 Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Wildflower Honey Back
Provenance Editions 003 Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Wildflower Honey Top

Bermondsey Street Bees x Provenance Editions Exmoor Wildflower Raw Honey 330g #003


A Provenance Editions (#003) Limited Edition of 100 Jars of this exceptional Exmoor Wildflower honey from the Multi-Award-Winning Bermondsey Street Bees.

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Exmoor Wildflower Honey

Exmoor’s spectacular National Park is one of the few wilderness areas left in Britain. Here the honeybees feed from the wild forage that they vastly prefer to cultivated flowers or crops. Notes of Wild Cherry and Sweet Chestnut form counterpoint flavours in this rich honey which has both blossom sweetness and gentle savour, with proximity to the seashore and its specialist flora adding a just -discernible salinity to the finish and creating a perfect whole.


Provenance Editions bring together the best independent Provenance Hub growers and producers together, creating mouthwatering collaborations or limited edition releases of multi-award-winning foods exclusive to Provenance Hub. Each edition is initially offered with a pre-sale discount, and any remaining stock is then made available on general release at full price.

Provenance Edition #003 Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Wildflower Honey (2021)

Edition Size: 100 Jars

First Release: Numbered Jars 1 to 15 - Pre-Sale 7th June 2022 to Wednesday 15th June 2022. General release June 16th 2022 until sold-out.


A rich single-source honey from Exmoor National Park . The hives are situated in the Minehead area, foraging in flowering trees ( as honeybee have evolved to do over millions of years. ) Native wildflowers, moorland and cliff plants bring additional interest to the honey, as do the unassuming seashore species that bees seek out for the mineral-rich nectar. Only the surplus honey is ever harvested, leaving the colony with plentiful winter stores. The honey is extracted using a simple centrifuge. Never blended or heated above the natural hive temperature, it is minimally filtered in a traditional process that removes excess wax whilst preserving all of the honey’s natural flavours, aromatics and micro-nutrients including the pollens.

Provenance Assured by Provenance Hub (click here for more information)

Three Star Great Taste Awards Winner: 2018, 2020

Guild of Fine Foods Judges Comments:

"Stunning amber nectar that positively glows with nature, health, and vitality! The natural aromas are warm, aromatic, deep, and promising, gently beginning to reveal the exciting layers of flavour held within the honey. Warm, floral, light citrus, aromatic herb, sweet licorice, lively mineral notes blend harmoniously, smooth and velvety in texture, leaving the mouth singing and the tongue-tingling with pleasure. Softly sweet, lightly citrus, with a warm spicy note and herbal balance. The happy life of the bees is clearly reflected in the flavour notes in this extraordinary feat of nature. Intricate and beautiful, warming, comforting and soothing, this honey is a gift for humankind!

"A very attractive golden caramel honey with a brown sugar, woody and honeysuckle flower aroma. The fascinating flavour profile begins with a burst of orange then follows through with a huge bouquet of flowers like stocks, wisteria , phlox and honeysuckle that you would associate with a summer's evening. These heady sweeter floral notes are balanced and cut with a touch of citrus and acidIty which stops this honey from becoming too cloying . A really characterful honey with plenty of interest."

"A fluid golden amber honey. Intense honeysuckle-like perfume on the nose draws you in to the palate, which takes you on a long journey through complex floral and herbal layers. These are interwoven with uplifting bright citrus notes and even, perhaps, faint aniseed/fennel. Exceptionally delicious."

Provenance Assured by Provenance Hub (click here for more information)


A single-source raw Exmoor honey. Never blended, heated or micro-filtered.


330g Single-source Raw Honey in Reusable Le Parfait Glass Jar

Typical values per 20g serving (1 teaspoon); will vary naturally from batch to batch

Energy: 272kJ

Protein: 0.08g

Fat: 0g

Protein: 0.0 g

Carbohydrate: (sugars) 15.9g

Sodium: 2.4mg




Provenance Editions bring the best independent growers and producers together to create mouthwatering collaborations, or as here limited releases of mouthwatering and multi-award-winning foods not normally available to the public.