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Olimagina About Us
Olimagina About Us
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Andalusian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

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OlimaginaOlive Oils, Andalusia, Spain



Olimagina is the collective inspiration of Rocio and Charles. Founded in 2017 with a 7 hectare grove nestled in the Sierra Mágina in Jaen, Andalusia. In a short time Olimagina has quickly gained worldwide recognition for the quality of the extra virgin oils they produce; receiving a coveted Gold Award at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition in 2019 for their Picual Oil, and more recently awarded one star by the UK Great Taste Awards. We love Olimagina Extra Virgin Olive Oils almost as much as we adore Olimagina’s owners Rocio and Charles. Dedicated, passionate and skilful, they epitomise everything that we stand for and a lot more besides.

Produced in limited quantities, the extra virgin olive oil from the Olimagina estate is distinctive for its extra virgin purity, its pure “red and green fruit” flavor and its exceptional terroir in the heart of the Sierra Mágina. Olimagina oil is a mono-varietal oil made from Picual olives. The oil produced develops exceptional aromas of fruit. The demanding and passionate approach of Rocio and Charles as well as men and women, who with them produce oil from the Olimagina estate makes it a special and unique oil.

Andalusia is abundant with olive groves, and it is no wonder that Olimagina is based here, this region is known for some of the finest olive oils in the world. The International Oleicultural Council ranks 7 Spanish olive oils among the top 10 – all Andalusian. Indeed, Andalusia alone accounts for 19% of global olive oil production. Olimagina contributes between 8,000 and 12,000 litres per year.

Olimagina is committed the best environmental practices and have an ever-growing team with decades of experience all dedicated to the green juice, and in taking exceptional care of the grove and the trees.




Despite the extreme environment and the stress on the olive trees, the Sierra Magina has a long heritage of olive oil production. Olimagina relies on traditional techniques and generations of family knowledge to care for their grove throughout the year, ensuring healthy fruit of the highest quality to make up their oils.


Rocio and Charles both had a huge desire to get back to basics, work with the earth and its energy, a vision that led them to buy the magnificent domain El trueno in 2017. Both share a natural approach to production and an willingness to share their knowledge of olive oil.

Rocio is a child of Jaen and has deep roots in Andalausia. Her grandfather owned an olive grove and her childhood is full of memories harvesting, maintaining and wandering through the trees in the balmy sun. Rocio left Andalusia after completing a degree in French and travelled extensively before settling in Barcelona. She was always drawn back South for family, by the landscape and the Andalusian way of life. Charles is French, an exiled Vendeen, who was living in Barcelona and working in the digital sector when four years ago he met Rocio. Very soon after they got together they set out to pursue their dream of owning an olive grove in Andalusia and producing some of the finest olive oils in the region.

Together they share the view that life is full of encounters and opportunities, and that desire is the only force that leads to success. It is this desire to do, to create, and to succeed that drives them and their passion – you can taste it in the wonderful olive oils they produce.



Spain is the world’s largest producer of olive oil. The major olive-producing province is Jaen, though Cordoba, Sevilla and Almeria share visions of a landscape defined by enormous olive groves, producing more olive oil annually than the whole of Italy.

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