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Husk & Honey

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London based award-winning Husk & Honey are the UK’s first and only dedicated granola bakery, specialising in oven-fresh premium granolas, made from the finest provenance sourced ingredients. From oats that are grown, harvested, rolled and toasted in Scotland to rapeseed oils from Kent, founder Hedie and her team have developed a unique and carefully-honed granola knowledge and recipe base, driven by a love and passion not only for granola, but for creating tastes and textures that never fail to delight.

Founded in 2015 Husk & Honey quickly established a cult following across London and, after a number of moves to support their growth, they now call Bermondsey’s iconic Spa Terminus home., Now neighbours with some of London’s best independent food producers they have a loyal (and growing!) national and international following. Alongside their core range of granolas, inspired by traditional recipes, Husk & Honey create seasonally inspired and limited edition creations, and are forever experimenting with new flavours and ingredients. And, if that wasn’t enough, outside of granolas, they also produce a range of delightfully light cereals and porridge blends, including Puffed Brown Rice with Wildflower Honey, and Apricot, Ginger & Poppy Seed porridge.


‘An explosion of taste…it tastes homemade, with a lovely nutty flavour. It has a little hint of sweetness from the fruit and honey with a pleasant crunch. Every now and then there is an explosion of taste from the Himalayan salt.’

Michel Roux Jr., Michelin Star Chef


Whilst made of just a few core ingredients including grains, nuts, seeds, fruit, and rapeseed oil – with just a touch of honey – the science of producing a seemingly simple, yet mouthwatering granola is not just the sum of great ingredients, but also the result of hours of methodical and structured research and development, trials and, of course, tasting.

At the heart of a great granola is the humble oat, and Husk & Honey use a harder rolled Scottish oat carefully sourced from their farming partner John. His oats have been specifically chosen over a more common softer oat because the harder outer not only allows for the use of less honey, making the granola less sweet, but because the inside of the oat remains creamy and soft after toasting which deliveries a satisfying texture without a hard crunch. A softer, inferior oat would not only lead to a sweeter granola, as it’s higher absorbency requires the use of more honey, but also would end up, well… limp.

In Scotland the oats are processed immediately after being harvested. First, they are steamed to stabilise them, next carefully rolled to flatten them, followed by one final steam, before being moved to a giant oven where they are lightly toasted. It’s during this final toasting that all the moisture is removed and that the oats’ unique flavour profile is locked in.

At Husk & Honey’s granola bakery the oats are then carefully mixed with seeds, nuts, rapeseed oil and coconut pulp, before a touch of slightly warmed wildflower honey – no added refined sugars – is gently added and the resulting delightfully sticky golden mixture is deemed ready to be transferred onto baking trays and into their walk-in oven, for toasting. Air cooling allows the granola to form its signature hard outer and soft inner crumb before the final touch, any dried ingredients, such as dried fruits are added. From then on it’s all hands on deck to weigh and pack them ready for sale.


Husk & Honey are committed to working with other local and national likeminded producers, sourcing ingredients, building partnerships and seeking to understand the provenance of each and every ingredient. They are an active member of a number of business communities, working with and sharing ideas and solutions to common problems with their peers, and supporting other independent producers and start-ups.


What started at first as a passion to create fantastic granola to feed Husk & Honey’s founder Hedie’s own addiction, quickly grew into a profitable side hustle as she started supplying friends and colleagues alike. Making the jump to a professional footing, the business grew from weekends selling at various farmers markets across the capital, to their own bakery, shopfront and a current team of five. Wherever possible all work is done in-house with Hedie charting much of the businesses’ success to the passionate and committed team, unrestricted by traditional work norms and each member entrusted to make decisions.



Born in Fulham, Hedie studied as a clinical psychologist at London’s Goldsmiths University before becoming a researcher in postpartum mental health at the IOPPN. Growing up in London to a Persian mother, her eclectic tastes and the recipes of Husk & Honey’s granolas have been inspired by the nostalgic tastes and smells of her childhood where everything was made from scratch to family recipes. When asked about life outside of work she’ll most likely respond with a ‘when’, as her combined passions for food, the countryside and travel mean that Husk & Honey is more a way of life than work or a career. Although conformably modest, we hear that she is a talented ballet dancer, and can often be found enjoying London’s theatre and arts scene or exploring a new restaurant or eatery.


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Bermondsey Arch 4 Discovery Estate, St James's Rd, London SE16 4RA, UK


Husk & Honey believe the best foods start with the finest ingredients. They are passionate about provenance and select their core grains, nuts, seeds and fruit from the country’s leading sustainable, independent producers including Oats from Alford Mill, Rapeseed Oil from Duchess Farms, Apples from Brogdale Farm, Dried Fruits and Nuts from Oliveology, Cacao Shell Flour and Chocolate from Lucocoa Chocolate and Spices from Ren’s Spices.

Committed to sustainable production, working directly with these and others, Husk & Honey carefully evaluate sustainability in all decision-making, informing packaging choices that balance reduced waste and plastics against all-important product protection and product life.