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Antheion About Us
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Ionian Honey, Olympian Olive Oils and Mount Olympus Tea

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Antheion is owned and run by Konstantin Kokkolis. His apiary and olive groves can be found around the centuries-old village of Kokolata, named after his family and nestled in the Cephalonia countryside. Using artisanal and traditional techniques, Antheion works with a range of producers to offer delicious honeys, teas and oils in small-run limited batches, bring the balmy fragrance of the Ionian Islands, the earthy flavours of Olympia, and the luxuriant tastes of Mount Olympus to your table.

For Konstantin, Antheion is a project of passion. Through deep experience and perseverance through the seasons, he makes sure that each and every product has sensational flavours. As a result, Antheion has won a number of taste awards internationally, which is very rare for producers in this part of the world.

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Beekeeping is the driving force behind Antheion. Konstantin started in Spring 2012 with just four bees, and is a self-taught beekeeper. Just like his bees, he learned about his environment and made adjustments to traditional beekeeping methods to ensure he makes the most of the unique Cephalonia countryside and its seasons. This included learning the rhythms of the bees themselves, and in his own words, needing to care for them “like livestock.” A few times a year, for example, he feeds the bees a sugar-water mixture to keep them healthy during the colder seasons.

Knowing the blossom cycles around the island is crucial to produce the best honey, whilst keeping the bees healthy. He helps the population grow to its peak just before the harvest, so they produce enough surplus honey for his Antheion honeys.

Collection spans from around late June to early August. Harvesting the honey starts with the second box in each hive. The first, bottom box is the centre of the nest where the queen lays her eggs, while the brood and Antheion’s honey is to be found in the centre frames.

He now has around eighty hives and works with other local beekeepers around the island to exchange knowledge and build a strong community of producers.

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Konstantin Nikolas Kokkolis, was born and raised in the USA, moving back to Greece in 2010. With a rich family history on Cephalonia, he was enchanted by the mountains of the island and the magic the changes in the seasons bring to the Ionian Islands.

Konstantin’s family has been cultivating olives and grapes in Cephalonia since the late 16th century. After he relocated to the island, an interest in beekeeping developed into a passion. He built his apiary for over six years and learned how to grow and harvest olives around Kokolata, developing artisanal farming techniques along the way and a refined palate. This ensures that the fragrant, powerful flavours of the land are found in all of the delicious food Antheion produces and sells, most of which are from the Ionian Islands but some from the mainland too.

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When visitors arrive to the Ionian islands, they are subjected to an exquisite assault on the senses. The Ionian Islands are a paradise for honey bees who feast on the islands unique flora… from wild thyme to forest pines, in the hills and mountains and across the endless fields of wild flowers.

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